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tangerinesDuring the 1992-1993 War in Abkhazia, two Estonian farmers take care of two wounded soldiers from opposing sides, who threaten to kill each other as soon as theyā€™ve regained enough strength. A compelling drama with a message of peace that is relevant to every ethnically motivated conflict around the world. The set-up may look like wishful thinking, but the process that the soldiers go through while being nursed back to health in a very cloistered environment feels credible, although it relies on a fundamental decency of its characters that is far from a typical human trait. Great cast, a suitably melancholy music theme, and interesting rural locations in Georgia.Ā 

2013-Estonia-Georgia. 87 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced byĀ Ivo Felt. Written and directed byĀ Zaza Urushadze. Music: Niaz Diasamidze. Cast: Lembit Ulfsak (Ivo), Giorgi Nakashidze (Ahmed), Elmo NĆ¼ganen (Margus), Mikhail Meskhi (Niko).

Trivia: Original title: Mandariinid.

Last word: “The subject of Abkhazia stays important to Georgia. What is now happening in South Ossetia ā€“ the systematic shifting of borders, inch by inch, to Georgiaā€™s constant disadvantage ā€“ causes strong reactions among Georgian citizens. And, being a citizen of a small country, I cannot stay calm observing these attempts to deprive us of a part of our territory. However, my film should not be perceived as a statement or a form of engagement in political infighting between states.” (Urushadze, East Book)

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