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Steamboat Bill, Jr.


steamboatbilljrPaddle steamer captain William Canfield (Ernest Torrance) is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his son (Buster Keaton) whom he hasnā€™t seen since he was a babyā€¦ but the college kid is a huge disappointment. The last movie Keaton made with United Artists was no hit, but has still become one of his minor classics, mostly because of the last twenty minutes when a hurricane strikes. The visual effects, combined with more creative gags, make for great entertainment; this is where we see Keatonā€™s most famous stunt, the one with the collapsing wall that almost crushes him. There are other amusing moments, even though the story isnā€™t much. Torrance is an effective straight man to Keaton.Ā 

1928-U.S. Silent. 71 min. B/W. Produced byĀ Joseph M. Schenck. Directed byĀ Charles F. Riesner. Screenplay: Carl Harbaugh. Cast: Buster Keaton (William Canfield, Jr.), Ernest Torrance (William Canfield), Marion Byron (Kitty King), Tom Lewis, Tom McGuire.

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