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Jimmy’s Hall


jimmyshallThe story of Jimmy Gralton, who returned to Ireland in 1932 after ten years in the United States; he left for political reasons, and his return stirs up trouble again. Based on real events, the film portrays the era in Ireland after the end of the Civil War, with continuing tensions between landowners and the republican movement. Convictions are strong, among communists like Gralton and among Catholic priests who side with those in power and condemn the local kids who are seduced by the modern dancing at a youth center Gralton opens. Familiar themes for those who know their Ken Loach, but done with a sense of humor and romance, even as anger builds among the oppressed.

2014-Britain-Ireland-France. 109 min. Color. Produced by¬†Rebecca O‚ÄôBrien. Directed by¬†Ken Loach. Screenplay: Paul Laverty. Play: Donal O‚ÄôKelly (‚ÄúJimmy Gralton‚Äôs Dancehall‚ÄĚ). Cast: Barry Ward (Jimmy Gralton), Simone Kirby (Oonagh), Jim Norton (Father Sheridan), Francis Magee, Andrew Scott, Br√≠an F. O‚ÄôByrne.

Last word:¬†“In Jimmy’s time 80 years ago he makes a speech about a system steeped in illusion and greed. The essence of that system hasn’t changed, technology has changed, but essentially shareholder value is much more important than giving everyone a chance to live a dignified life. We’ve been accused of tagging that speech on, but it was actually true to Jimmy’s time. He actually did make a speech like that. And it does resonate now because of the reality we face.”¬†(Laverty, Cine Vue)

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