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The Hunter


thehunterAn American mercenary (Willem Dafoe) is hired to gather samples of the Tasmanian tiger, who might not be as extinct as previously thought… but his mission is muddled because of a family he’s staying with. The hunter is also being harassed by locals who mistake him for an environmental activist – an interesting situation, even if its hard to believe in his ultimate transformation. Still, Dafoe is engaging and so is the movie on the whole. As a bonus, it offers amazing views of Tasmania during the hunter’s lonely excursions into the wilderness, moments that are more fascinating than the family drama.

2011-Australia. 100 min. Color Widescreen. Directed by Daniel Nettheim. Novel: Julia Leigh. Cast: Willem Dafoe (Martin David), Sam Neill (Jack Mindy), Frances O’Connor (Lucy Armstrong), Morgana Davies, Finn Woodlock, Sullivan Stapleton.

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