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In a World…


inaworldCarol Solomon (Lake Bell), the daughter of legendary Hollywood voice-over artist Sam Sotto (Fred Melamed), follows in his footsteps and gets the chance to really compete with him. Bell’s directing debut charmed a lot of people because it’s surprisingly well made for a freshman filmmaker, set in a world we haven’t seen much of where the spirit of movie trailer legend Don LaFontaine casts a shadow over everything. The story has awkwardly amusing romances, Hollywood intrigues and a feminist message, delivered with an irresistibly light touch. Very funny, with terrific performances, including Bell and Melamed as her boom-voiced, hilariously self-absorbed dad.

2013-U.S. 93 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced by Lake Bell, Mark Roberts, Jett Steiger, Eddie Vaisman. Written and directed by Lake Bell. Cast: Lake Bell (Carol Solomon), Fred Melamed (Sam Sotto), Michaela Watkins (Dani Solomon), Ken Marino, Demetri Martin, Rob Corddry… Geena Davis, Eva Longoria. Cameos: Cameron Diaz, Jeff Garlin.

Last word: “I wanted to playfully investigate feminism in a comedic form, and I personally did have aspirations to be one of the great voiceover artists. And it wasn’t necessarily my woman-ness that held me from that, but more the clique that was deeply instilled when I first tried to get in there. And I thought that was always really interesting, that there was this hierarchy that was clearly paved out. I think the feminist conversation is surrounding the idea of the “omniscient” voice being always male, and so that does come into play in the voiceover industry often.” (Bell, The Dissolve)

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