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Bullet to the Head


bullettotheheadAfter walking into a trap, New Orleans hit man James Bonomo (Sylvester Stallone) reluctantly teams up with a Washington, D.C. cop (Sung Kang) whoā€™s getting no help from the local authorities; both men are after the same people. I suppose Stallone was attracted to the idea of playing a character whoā€™s not exactly a good guy; he does however have a code of honor in this formulaic action movie. Itā€™s obvious that Walter Hill wants it to be really rough, and it is all the way through. Still, thereā€™s some humor between the two antagonistic leads, with Stallone a lot more charismatic than Kang.

2013-U.S. 91 min. Color. Directed byĀ Walter Hill. Graphic Novel: Alexis Nolent, Colin Wilson. Cast: Sylvester Stallone (James ā€œBoboā€ Bonomo), Sung Kang (Taylor Kwon), Sarah Shahi (Lisa Bonomo), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Jason Momoa, Christian Slater.



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