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Left Behind


leftbehind00After a miracle takes place during an Arab attack on Israel, millions of people mysteriously disappear all over the world. This adaptation of the popular Christian series of books that portrays the Rapture in the form of a thriller was first released straight-to-video, then to theaters. The religious message is hammered home in unsubtle ways; true to its conservative ideal, global cooperation is demonized to an inventive but ridiculous extent. Poor acting, and barely any tension.

2000-U.S. 100 min. Color. Directed byĀ Vic Sarin. Novel: Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins. Cast: Kirk Cameron (Cameron ā€œBuckā€ Williams), Brad Johnson (Rayford Steele), Janaya Stephens (Chloe Steele), Chelsea Noble, Clarence Gilyard, Gordon Currie.

Trivia: Followed by two sequels, starting with Left Behind II: Tribulation Force (2002). Remade as Left Behind (2014).

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