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sabotageWhile striking against a drug cartel, an elite DEA force led by John “Breacher” Wharton (Arnold Schwarzenegger) steals $10 million of their money… only to learn that someone is betraying them. One of the director’s hard-boiled cop movies, but this time without the credibility that made End of Watch (2012) memorable. Looks like he was aiming for something along the lines of The Shield, but it’s impossible to invest in these ugly characters and Schwarzenegger is too bad an actor for his part. Turns downright absurd in the end.

2014-U.S. 109 min. Color. Directed by David Ayer. Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger (John “Breacher” Wharton), Sam Worthington (James “Monster” Murray), Olivia Williams (Caroline Brentwood), Terrence Howard, Joe Manganiello, Mireille Enos.

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