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The Riot Club


riotclubFirst-year university student Milo Richards (Max Irons) is initiated into the Riot Club, an unofficial, all-male student dining club with raucous traditions dating back to the 1700s. The original play was a work of fiction, according to its author, but that didn’t stop people from making unflattering comparisons between the Riot Club and the real-life Bullingdon Club, famous for its elite members, notorious for its excessive, trashy dinners. This adaptation boasts a fine cast, but makes its points about disgusting upper-class morals and behavior early and leads to predictable conclusions.

2014-Britain. 107 min. Color. Directed byĀ Lone Scherfig. Screenplay, Play: Laura Wade (“Posh”). Cast: Max Irons (Miles “Milo” Richards), Sam Claflin (Alistair Ryle), Douglas Booth (Harry Villiers), Holliday Grainger, Freddie Fox, Natalie Dormer.

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