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The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel

desertfoxAfter being pushed back and defeated by the Allies in North Africa, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (James Mason) returns to Germany, increasingly convinced that Hitler will ruin the country he loves. This biography on one of the few German military leaders who enjoyed international respect is unnecessarily framed by a narrating voice. Rommel’s story is fascinating and the filmmakers build tension by focusing on how he became involved in a plot to get rid of Hitler, but emotions are muted by an approach that’s meant to be realistic but becomes sketchy. Still, Mason is very good as the Desert Fox.

1951-U.S. 88 min. B/W. Directed byĀ Henry Hathaway. Screenplay: Nunnally Johnson. Book: Desmond Young. Cast: James Mason (Erwin Rommel), Cedric Hardwicke (Karl Strolin), Jessica Tandy (Lucie Rommel), Luther Adler, Everett Sloane, Leo G. Carroll.

Trivia: Kirk Douglas and Richard Widmark were allegedly considered for the lead. Young plays himself in the film. Followed by The Desert Rats (1953).

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