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amateurA low-budget gem, this is a very quaint, uneven but funny movie, featuring an unconstrained relationship between an ex-nun (Isabelle Huppert) who writes pornography (a girl has to make a living) and an amnesiac criminal (Martin Donovan). We are also introduced to two pleasant yuppie hit men who are after Donovan and his porn star wife. Director Hal Hartley is anything but mainstream, but it seems he knows what should attract the crowds… Very unconventional, with outlandish characters, but at the heart of it is a classic crime story. Huppert seems to enjoy her turn as the searching, contradictory ā€œheroineā€ of the piece.

1994-U.S.-France. 105 min. Color. Produced byĀ Ted Hope, Hal Hartley. Written and directed byĀ Hal Hartley. Cast: Isabelle Huppert (Isabelle), Martin Donovan (Thomas), Elina Lowensohn (Sofia), Damian Young, Chuck Montgomery, Parker Posey.

Last word:Ā “I didnā€™t write it specifically for [Huppert]. But I did make the girl French. It was a little bit of an adjustment getting used to the needs of a bona fide star. But at the end of the day we all do the same thing. I think Isabelle had to adjust to the sanity of my set! I remember her telling me one day she was not used to no one screaming and throwing fits.” (Hartley, CineTalk)



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