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Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond

flemingIn 1939, failed stockbroker Ian Fleming (Dominic Cooper) is recruited by the British Director of Naval Intelligence (Samuel West) to serve as his assistant, becoming a valuable operator. The story of James Bond writer Fleming’s experiences of World War II, including his work and a fiery affair with a married woman who’s into S/M, all combined with a portrait of Fleming as a callous, inventive and cocky figure. Playfully made, with numerous references to the 007 books and films that would follow, this miniseries is a must for Bond fans but perhaps a bit too lackadaisical in its tone for everybody else.

2014-Britain. Made for TV. 176 min. Color. Directed byĀ Mat Whitecross. Teleplay: John Brownlow, Don MacPherson. Cast: Dominic Cooper (Ian Fleming), Lara Pulver (Ann O’Neill), Samuel West (John Godfrey), Anna Chancellor, Rupert Evans, Lesley Manville.

Trivia:Ā Originally shown in four episodes.



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