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John Carter


johncarterEdgar Rice Burroughs (Daryl Sabara) comes across John Carter’s (Taylor Kitsch) personal diary of how he was transported from 19th century Arizona to Mars where he became involved in a war. Andrew Stanton’s live-action directing debut came with a price tag so hefty it almost put Disney in jeopardy. That paid for stunning visual effects and 3D renderings of adventures on Mars, as well as an engaging cast. The movie has promising bits and pieces, but as a whole it is largely void of tension (goes for the battles as well) and looks like a lumbering spectacle.

2012-U.S. 132 min. Color. Widescreen.Ā Directed byĀ Andrew Stanton.Ā Novel:Ā “A Princess of Mars” (Edgar Rice Burroughs).Ā Cast:Ā Taylor Kitsch (John Carter), Lynn Collins (Dejah Thoris), Samantha Morton (Sola), Willem Dafoe, Thomas Haden Church, Mark Strongā€¦ CiarĆ”n Hinds, Dominic West, Bryan Cranston, Jon Favreau, David Schwimmer.

Trivia:Ā Robert Zemeckis was allegedly considered for directing duties. The first time the novel was planned for a movie adaptation was in the 1930s.

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