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religulousAnyone who’s ever watched an episode of comedian Bill Maher’s TV shows Politically Incorrect (1993-2002) and Real Time with Bill Maher (2003- ) knows what he’s like ā€“ a liberal-leaning but independent-minded man who hates religion and takes delight in “telling it like it is”. Conservatives hate him, and there are moments in this documentary (chronicling the host’s encounters with the freakiest aspects of Christianity, Islam and the Jewish faith) when Maher and Borat director Larry Charles run into conflicts. There is much about this film that’s entertaining and thoughtful, but Maher’s meeting with infamous racist Geert Wilders is naive, and obviously this comedian is not interested in digging beneath the ridiculous.

2008-U.S. 101 min. Color.Ā D:Ā Larry Charles.Ā Written by and featuringĀ Bill Maher.

Quote:Ā “This is the Mount of Olives. A lot of Orthodox Jews want to be buried here because they believe when the Messiah comes he will raise them from the dead and march them through that Golden Gate and on to the Temple Mount. Which is why the Muslims have walled up the gate, the better to keep out the Jewish Messiah and his kosher zombies from getting in. Although you’d think if you had the power to raise the dead, you’d have the power to jump a fence.” (Maher)

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