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Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight


muhammadalisgreatestfightIn 1971, Muhammad Ali’s refusal to be drafted for the Vietnam War becomes a case for the U.S. Supreme Court, but Chief Justice Warren Burger (Frank Langella) believes it has no merits. His name may be in the title, but in this HBO drama the champ only appears in old news footage. Focus lies on the discussions between the justices, their role in the national conversation on Vietnam, and what part their young clerks played in reaching a decision. Interesting and well acted, the film seems a little removed from the real drama, but still shows an ideal vision of respect and camaraderie on the bench.

2013-U.S. Made for TV. 97 min. Color.Ā Directed byĀ Stephen Frears.Ā Teleplay:Ā Shawn Slovo.Ā Cast:Ā Frank Langella (Warren Burger), Christopher Plummer (John Marshall Harlan II), Benjamin Walker (Kevin Connolly), Danny Glover, Barry Levinson, Ed Begley, Jrā€¦. Fritz Weaver, Bob Balaban.



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