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This Is 40


thisis40As Pete and Debbie (Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann) are both turning 40, their marriage is challenged by trouble with money, the hardships of raising two daughters and confusion regarding their future together. This sequel to Knocked Up (2007) uses some of that movie’s characters to mirror the joys and angst, it would seem, of director Judd Apatow and his real-life wife Mann’s marriage; even their own kids are prominently featured. Often heartwarming, real and funny, the movie benefits from a cast that has plenty of leeway, but also suffers from Apatow’s frustrating lack of discipline.

2012-U.S. 134 min. Color. Widescreen.Ā Written and directed byĀ Judd Apatow.Ā Cast:Ā Paul Rudd (Pete), Leslie Mann (Debbie),Ā John Lithgow (Oliver), Megan Fox, Albert Brooks, Maude Apatowā€¦ Jason Segel, Melissa McCarthy, Lena Dunham, Tatum O’Neal.Ā Cameo:Ā Bill Hader.

Trivia:Ā Several musicians play themselves, including Billie Joe Armstrong and Ryan Adams; 70s rocker Graham Parker makes merciless fun of himself.

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