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Gnomeo & Juliet


gnomeojulietTwo families of gnomes who live in adjacent gardens are mortal enemies, but then one of the blue-hats falls in love with a red-hat. The concept for this movie may seem like someone’s drunken idea, but it was nevertheless a major hit that likely appealed to fans of Shrek and Toy Story who aren’t above accepting a lesser substitute. The movie uses old (and one new) Elton John songs in clever ways and is a lively ride with an impressive cast. But the level of ambition isn’t high; there are only so many dangers you can expose garden gnomes to, apparently.

2011-U.S. Animated. 84 min. Color.Ā Directed byĀ Kelly Asbury.Ā Song:Ā “Hello Hello” (Elton John, Bernie Taupin).Ā Voices ofĀ James McAvoy (Gnomeo), Emily Blunt (Juliet), Ashley Jensen (Nanette), Michael Caine, Matt Lucas, Jim Cummingsā€¦ Maggie Smith, Jason Statham, Ozzy Osbourne, Patrick Stewart, Julie Walters, Hulk Hogan, Dolly Parton, Stephen Merchant.

Trivia:Ā Ewan McGregor and Kate Winslet were allegedly considered for the leads.Ā Followed by Sherlock Gnomes (2018).

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