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The Monitor

themonitorA single mom (Noomi Rapace) has escaped with her young son (Vetle Qvenild Werring) from her abusive ex-husband; the attempt to start a new life in an apartment outside Oslo is marred by her paranoia. There are moments when this thriller reminds me of Polanski’s Repulsion (1965); the apartment inspires claustrophobia. Rapace is very good in a demanding part and as expected this tragic story has a few surprises up its sleeve. Never touches greatness, but our curiosity is maintained throughout as we ponder what lies behind the spooky noises coming from Anna’s baby monitor.

2011-Norway-Germany-Sweden. 96 min. Color.Ā Written and directed byĀ PĆ„l Sletaune.Ā Cast:Ā Noomi Rapace (Anna), Kristoffer Joner (Helge), Vetle Qvenild Werring (Anders), Stig R. Amdam, Maria Bock, Torkil HĆøeg.

Trivia:Ā Original title: Babycall.

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