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2 Days in Paris


2daysinparisMarion (Julie Delpy) brings her American boyfriend (Adam Goldberg) on a trip to Paris, the city where she grew up… and still has many romantic memories from. The remarkably creative Delpy’s first major release as a director, a film where she also contributed on many other levels, and cast her real-life parents as Marion’s mom and dad. They’re irresistible, and the two leads are equally engaging and grounded as the lovers who keep bumping into Marion’s old ghosts in Paris. The city comes across as a charming and irritating place, which is part of Delpy’s personal touch. This is a more jaded look at love and relationships than her previous Before Sunrise (1995).

2007-France. 96 min. Color. Produced by Julie Delpy, Christophe Mazodier, Thierry Potok. Written, directed and edited by Julie Delpy. Music: Julie Delpy, Gustaf Heden. Cast: Julie Delpy (Marion), Adam Goldberg (Jack), Daniel Brühl (Lukas), Marie Pillet, Albert Delpy.

Trivia: Followed by 2 Days in New York (2012).

Last word: “I think the city is a character, basically, in ‘2 Days in Paris’. Meaning that it’s a character that’s actually attacking them, constantly. It’s the city – Paris can be very aggravating and can be very hard. Sometimes when I haven’t been there for a while and I go back there, it can be really, really difficult to handle. It’s exhausting. Sometimes you go to Paris and it’s very easy and sometimes it’s a constant fight. You have to fight the city to survive. It’s a bit like New York, but I think Paris, even more. It has a harshness to it.” (Delpy, Moviefone)

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