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Men of Boys Town

An embittered juvenile delinquent is transferred to Boys Town and Father Flanagan (Spencer Tracy) asks Whitey (Mickey Rooney) to come up with a way to make the boy feel better. This sequel to Boys Town (1938) continues in the same vein and with most of the same cast, although the perpetually concerned Dave Morris is now played (very ably) by Lee J. Cobb. Rooney is the main reason to watch the movie, which is entertaining and cute, but suffers from its overbearing sentimentality, overly familiar story and protracted running time.

1941-U.S. 106 min. B/W. Directed byĀ Norman Taurog. Cast: Spencer Tracy (Father Flanagan), Mickey Rooney (Whitey Marsh), Bobs Watson (Pee Wee), Larry Nunn, Darryl Hickman, Henry O’Neillā€¦ Lee J. Cobb.Ā 



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