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Sucker Punch


In the 1960s, Babydoll (Emily Browning) is put in a mental asylum by her wicked stepdad where she enters an imaginary world andĀ  gets to know four dancers in a brothel; together, they battle monsters and German zombies. In director Zack Snyder’s world, this is girl power on full display. To the rest of us, this is a lame-brained chance to watch cute girls in sexy outfits who fight all kinds of enemies in computer-animated environs and never breaks a sweat. Slick, fast and entertaining, but never engaging on a deeper level.

2011-U.S. 110 min. Color. Widescreen.Ā Directed byĀ Zack Snyder.Ā Screenplay:Ā Zack Snyder, Steve Shibuya.Ā Cast:Ā Emily Browning (Babydoll), Abbie Cornish (Sweet Pea), Jena Malone (Rocket), Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Carla Guginoā€¦ Oscar Isaac, Jon Hamm, Scott Glenn.Ā 

Trivia: Alternative version runs 127 min. Emma Stone and Evan Rachel Wood were allegedly considered for roles.


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