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bulworthRunning for re-election in 1996, liberal California Senator Jay Billington Bulworth (Warren Beatty) decides that this is the time to have a breakdown and start telling the truth. In this comedy, Beatty finds an opportunity to tell the world what’s wrong with U.S. politics, attacking both the left and right, dissecting the relationship between politicians and powerful interests as well as the fact that some Democrats take the Black vote for granted. Not everyone is going to consider Beatty’s approach successful, but the movie is smart and its irreverence liberating. The star himself must have had great fun, as his character gets freaky and even starts rapping at times.

1998-U.S. 107 min. Color. Produced byĀ Warren Beatty, Pieter Jan Brugge. Directed byĀ Warren Beatty. Screenplay: Warren Beatty, Jeremy Pikser. Cast: Warren Beatty (Jay Billington Bulworth), Halle Berry (Nina), Don Cheadle (L.D.), Oliver Platt, Paul Sorvino, Jack Warden… Isaiah Washington, Christine Baranski, Sean Astin, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Clarke Duncan, Sarah Silverman. Cameos: Paul Mazursky, William Baldwin.

Last word:Ā ”I’m in the entertainment business. The message happens to be true, but any time you try to have a message in a movie, you sound like you’re on C-Span. Listen, I have a lunatic in this movie who has a nervous breakdown, runs around in short pants, acts like an adolescent, talking in a voice that’s not even his own. He oversimplifies the message pretty drastically, but he’s funny. I tried to make it funny enough and move it quickly enough so they don’t walk out.” (Beatty, The New York Times)



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