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The Fog


thefog80A California fishing town is about to celebrate its centennial when its dark, dirty past comes back to haunt them ā€“ in the shape of a thick fog.Ā One of John Carpenterā€™s most popular thrillers, essentially a very simple but good old-fashioned ghost story, reunites him with Jamie Lee Curtis fromĀ HalloweenĀ (1978), but Adrienne Barbeau makes more of an impact as the radio host who keeps her studio in a lighthouse. The visual effects are low-budget, but there is something frightening about the horrors hiding in that fog and the final showdown amps up the tension pretty well.

1980-U.S. 91 min. Color. Widescreen. Direction, Music: John Carpenter. Screenplay: John Carpenter, Debra Hill. Cast: Adrienne Barbeau (Stevie Wayne), Jamie Lee Curtis (Elizabeth Solley), Hal Holbrook (Father Malone), Janet Leigh, John Houseman, Tommy Atkins.Ā 

Trivia:Ā Kurt Russell and Christopher Lee were allegedly considered for parts. Remade asĀ The FogĀ (2005).



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