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In 1988, war photographer Mark Walsh (Colin Farrell) goes to Kurdistan to cover Saddam Hussein’s genocidal attacks; when he returns to Ireland, it is without his colleague and best friend, David (Jamie Sives). No Man’s Land (2001) director Danis Tanovic returns with another grim war movie. Based on reality, it is a fairly engaging story that suffers a bit from Tanovic’s unconvincing attempt at hiding from us early on what really happened to David. As for the psychology, it seems like much ado about nothing… but it’s great to watch Christopher Lee in action.

2009-Ireland-Spain-Belgium-France. 99 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ Danis Tanovic. Novel: Scott Anderson. Cast: Colin Farrell (Mark Walsh), Paz Vega (Elena Morales), Christopher Lee (Joaquin Morales), Kelly Reilly, Branko Djuric, Jamie Sives.

Trivia: Released straight to DVD in the U.S.



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