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Top Secret!


topsecretAmerican rock singer Nick Rivers (Val Kilmer) goes to East Germany where he becomes involved with theā€¦ French Resistance?Ā TheĀ Airplane!Ā directors strike with a comedy in the same vein that is too busy throwing gags at us to bother with a coherent story. The result is a wild mix where French resistance fighters (with names like Latrine and Escargot) fight the East Germans (who look likeĀ WWIIĀ Nazis most of the time)ā€¦ and Kilmer performs Elvis Presley-styled musical numbers. Funny at times, other jokes are simply misfires, but still very inventive and Omar Sharif is fun to watch.

1984-U.S. 90 min. Color.Ā Directed byĀ Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker.Ā Cast:Ā Val Kilmer (Nick Rivers), Lucy Gutteridge (Hilary Flammond), Christopher Villiers (Nigel), Jeremy Kemp, Michael Gough, Omar Sharifā€¦ Peter Cushing.

Quote:Ā ā€œI know a little German. Heā€™s sitting over there.ā€ (Gutteridge)

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