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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels


lockstockWhen Tom (Jason Flemyng) and three buddies take part in a high-stakes card game, they end up owing a gangster boss half a million pounds and desperately try to come up with cash.Ā This low-budget heist movie set in the London underworld was a hit, even among some critics, and became director Guy Ritchieā€™s breakthrough. He cast the movie well, even offering us an effective performance as a torpedo by Vinnie Jones, then one of the soccer worldā€™s most aggressive players. A visual feast, but all the tricks in the world canā€™t quite conceal the shallowness of the concept and characters.

1998-Britain-U.S. 106 min. Color.Ā Written and directed byĀ Guy Ritchie.Ā Editing:Ā Niven Howie.Ā Cast:Ā Jason Flemyng (Tom), Dexter Fletcher (Soap), Nick Moran (Eddie), Jason Statham, Steven Mackintosh, Vinnie Jonesā€¦ Sting.

Trivia:Ā Dedicated to the memory of Lenny McLean, one of the filmā€™s actors who died from cancer a month before the premiere. Statham’s first film. Ray Winstone was allegedly considered for a part. The movie inspired a TV series,Ā Lock, Stockā€¦Ā (2000).

Quote:Ā ā€œThe entire British empire was built on cups of tea and if you think Iā€™m going to war without one, mate, youā€™re mistaken.ā€ (Moran)



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