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The Town


After robbing a bank in Boston together with his crew, Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) tries to make sure that the bank manager (Rebecca Hall) canā€™t identify themā€¦ but he also falls in love with her.Ā Affleckā€™s second directorial outing is another crime saga set in his hometown Boston, and shows that the star has learned not only how to deliver pulse-pounding action but also make sure that the audience cares about both characters and the universe they inhabit. The movie may lack genuine surprises, but the filmmakers utilize Boston locations in the best way possible and the cat-and-mouse games (between Affleck/Hall as well as the robbers and Jon Hammā€™sĀ FBIĀ agent) are fun and exciting.

2010-U.S. 125 min. Color. Widescreen.Ā Produced byĀ Basil Iwanyk, Graham King.Ā Directed byĀ Ben Affleck.Ā Screenplay:Ā Ben Affleck, Peter Craig, Aaron Stockard.Ā Novel:Ā Chuck Hogan (ā€œPrince of Thievesā€).Ā Cast:Ā Ben Affleck (Doug MacRay), Rebecca Hall (Claire Keesey), Jon Hamm (Adam Frawley), Jeremy Renner, Blake Lively, Slaineā€¦ Pete Postlethwaite, Chris Cooper.

Trivia:Ā Adrian Lyne was allegedly first considered for directing duties. Also available in a 153 min. version.

Last word: “My first thought was, I really wanted to play the role. But I was concerned that the overlap between this and the other movie I directed would be too much, and that I ran the risk of getting pigeonholed for making crime movies in Boston. When I really want to tell stories that take place all over. That made me pause. But there were a couple things that ultimately persuaded me to take on directing it as well. There were a ton of great parts, and I thought the material gave me a shot to work with really good actors. And there was a big challenge in trying to synthesize the two elements of the movie. There was the traditional genre element ā€” the robbery, heist, chase and all that stuff ā€” which had to be done in an interesting and unique way in order to work. That needed to fuse with the character drama on the other side.” (Affleck, Deadline)


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