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Taking Woodstock


In 1969, Elliot Teichberg (Demetri Martin) is helping his immigrant parents run a struggling motel in upstate New York when he’s approached by a motley group of people looking for a place to host a gigantic music festival. A critic is always hoping to come up with something original to say about a film… but director Ang Lee’s entertaining but unambitious movie suffers from a flaw so obvious that every other review has already pointed it out. The story of how Woodstock came to be must be fascinating, but this portrayal of a kid who’s there on the sidelines is just a simple charmer. Still, a few nice visual touches.

2009-U.S. 120 min. Color. Directed byĀ Ang Lee. Book: Elliot Tiber, Tom Monte. Cast: Demetri Martin (Elliot Teichberg), Emile Hirsch (Billy), Imelda Staunton (Sonia Teichberg), Henry Goodman, Liev Schreiber, Jonathan Groff… Paul Dano, Eugene Levy.



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