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You Don’t Know Jack


Doctor Jack Kevorkian (Al Pacino) believes firmly in assisted suicide for terminally ill patients, but after helping several people to die he is targeted by the state of Michigan. Kevorkian remains a highly controversial person, virtually a serial killer to his detractors, but this film stands firmly on his side by portraying the critics as religious fanatics. Still, the filmmakers also emphasize ā€Doctor Deathā€™sā€ negative sides, such as his desperate need for attention and inability to show real, human emotions. The stark look of the film reflects uncomfortable themes; the cast deliver superior performances and Barry Levinson keeps us intrigued right up to the inevitable conclusion.

2010-U.S. Made for TV. 134 min. Color. Produced byĀ Scott Ferguson. Directed byĀ Barry Levinson. Teleplay: Adam Mazer. Cast: Al Pacino (Jack Kevorkian), Danny Huston (Geoffrey Fieger), Susan Sarandon (Janet Good), John Goodman, Eric Lange, Brenda Vaccaroā€¦ Adam Driver.

Emmys: Outstanding Writing; Actor (Pacino). Golden Globe: Best Actor (Pacino).

Last word: “To me, it is a movie that addresses issues, but there’s nothing worse than just making a movie that’s about issues. At some point we gotta relate to characters. We gotta connect to characters. We gotta take the journey with the characters. And that means, in almost every situation I’ve ever been involved in, even in serious times, there is humor. We’re not trying to do jokes, but there is humor in terms of how these people behave.” (Levinson, HBO)



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