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Ringu 2

ringu2Mai Takano (Miki Nakatani) learns that the young son of a friend who died after watching a mysterious videotape has psychic powers; the deadly Sadako is not done with the killing just yet. In this sequel, Nakatani, who was also in the first film, is promoted to lead actor but she doesn’t really add anything special. The filmmakers were quick to produce the sequel even though they clearly had few ideas on how to move the story forward. There’s a few good scenes with the scary Sadako, but the promise of them is defeated by talkiness and a leaden pace.

1999-Japan. 95 min. Color. Directed by Hideo Nakata. Screenplay: Hiroshi Takahashi. Cast: Miki Nakatani (Mai Takano), Hitomi Satô (Masami Kurahashi), Kyôko Fukada (Kanae Sawaguchi), Fumiyo Kohinata, Kenjirô Ishimaru, Yûrei Yanagi. 

Trivia: Followed by Ringu 0: Bâsudei (2000), which is a prequel.



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