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King of California


Charlie (Michael Douglas) is released from a mental institution and moves into his daughter’s (Evan Rachel Wood) house; they have many issues to resolve, but Charlie becomes obsessed with a treasure that may be buried underneath a Costco. A very pleasant directing debut from Mike Cahill who provides Douglas with a role that’s his most meaningful in years. He’s fun to watch as the wild-eyed, bearded old fool who’s never been capable of behaving like a responsible adult; Wood is every bit as good as the daughter who had to raise herself. Part of the film’s charm is that she can’t help getting caught up in her dad’s treasure hunt, and Cahill tells his story stylishly.

2007-U.S. 93 min. Color. Produced byĀ Alexander Payne, Michael London, Avi Lerner, Randall Emmett. Written and directed byĀ Mike Cahill. Cast: Michael Douglas (Charlie), Evan Rachel Wood (Miranda), Willis Burks II (Pepper), Laura Kachergus, Paul Lieber, Kathleen Wilhoite.

Last word: “I wrote a draft of the script fifteen years ago and it was no good, so I put it away and wrote some books and other things. Ten years later I realized that the main characters were wrong, so I wrote a new draft with the current characters and it got written fast. Of course, I’d thought about it for years. I can’t say that I have ever experienced exactly the sort of relationship that Charlie and Miranda have, but it’s something I’ve seen a lot around me; that is, the child who is parent to the parent.” (Cahill, FilmFestivals.com)



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