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The Vanishing

During a vacation in France, Saskia Wagter (Johanna ter Steege) suddenly disappears and her boyfriend (Gene Bervoets) spends three years looking for her; meanwhile, her abductor (Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu) considers revealing his identity. Director George Sluizer’s most celebrated film is anything but a conventional thriller, remaining tense even though the filmmakers hide no secrets from us. Very interesting to watch the abductor in preparation; there’s a sense of humor to it, making the film even creepier. The shocking ending is an intriguing consequence of a relative’s natural desire to finally have peace of mind. Donnadieu lends his character the right touch.

1988-The Netherlands-France. 101 min. Color. Produced byĀ George Sluizer, Anne Lordon. Directed byĀ George Sluizer.Ā Screenplay, Novel: Tim KrabbĆ© (“The Golden Egg”). Cast: Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu (Raymond Lemorne), Gene Bervoets (Rex Hofman), Johanna ter Steege (Saskia Wagter).

Trivia: Original title: Spoorloos. Remade in the U.S. as The Vanishing (1993).

European Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress (ter Steege).

Last word: “I went to Sydney and the film was shown. There’s only one prize and that’s the audience award, and [‘The Vanishing’ won]. That was the start of the life of ‘The Vanishing’. Stanley Kubrick asked Johanna to play in his next movie. I mean, he loved the film, I must say to my own pleasure, heĀ was the biggest fan of ‘Spoorloos’. I think he saw it ten times. He called me when I was working in Los Angeles and we discussed the film, shot by shot, and everything.” (Sluizer, Criterion)



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