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What Happens in Vegas


In Las Vegas, slacker Jack Fuller (Ashton Kutcher) meets Joy McNally (Cameron Diaz) who’s just been dumped by her boyfriend; they get drunk… and married… and win a fortune, all of which lead to a variety of annoying consequences. It is easy to like this movie, at least on a superficial level (and that’s where the filmmakers feel they are most comfortable). The two stars are fun together (even Kutcher has his moments) and the reason why one puts up with a script whose concept is so thin and contrived is that once and again there are hints of real emotions.

2008-U.S. 99 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ Tom Vaughan. Cast: Cameron Diaz (Joy McNally), Ashton Kutcher (Jack Fuller), Rob Corddry (Hater), Lake Bell, Jason Sudeikis, Treat Williams… Queen Latifah, Dennis Farina, Dennis Miller.



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