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Margot at the Wedding


Margot (Nicole Kidman) and her son (Zane Pais) go to Long Island where her sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is about to marry Malcolm (Jack Black), whom Margot finds unworthy. The Squid and the Whale director returns with another dysfunctional family drama. There’s a story somewhere in here about family members who love each other in spite of the nasty things they’re saying, but that disappears in all the bile. Black is amusing, but his presence only underlines the fact that it’s hard to take these characters seriously.

2007-U.S. 91 min. Color. Written and directed byĀ Noah Baumbach. Cast: Nicole Kidman (Margot), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Pauline), Jack Black (Malcolm), John Turturro, CiarĆ”n Hinds, Zane Pais.



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