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Ever since he was a kid, Rob Stewart has been fascinated by sharks and the deep oceans. That’s why he became a biologist and why he made this documentary, his first, to make the public understand what role sharks play in the ecosystem and what type of threat mankind poses to their existence. He takes an active role in the movie, for instance joining the crew of a ship that goes to Costa Rica to expose illegal fishing of sharks. Rob ends up in danger on a few occasions… but never for swimming with sharks. The beauty of the underwater footage mixes with harsh images of man’s cruel treatment of these fish. Unfortunately, Stewart tends to get in the way of the film and never addresses the poverty that motivates illegal fishing.

2006-Canada. 89 min. Color. Written and directed byĀ Rob Stewart.

Trivia: The director died in 2017 while filming a sequel called Sharkwater: Extinction.



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