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The Lost Boys


Michael and Sam Emerson (Jason Patric, Corey Haim) move with their mother to a small town in California where they discover that a local gang of teenagers are vampires. I understand why this film was popular for a while ā€“ the soundtrack has engaging tunes, director Joel Schumacher paces his film well, the young actors are attractive (several of them went on to have a career) and some of the action is intense (at least for kids). Still, the treatment of the vampire legend is utterly unsurprising, the story is too thin and the climax ridiculously overblown.Ā 

1987-U.S. 97 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ Joel Schumacher. Cast: Jason Patric (Michael Emerson), Corey Haim (Sam Emerson), Dianne Wiest (Lucy Emerson), Barnard Hughes, Edward Herrmann, Kiefer Sutherland… Corey Feldman.

Trivia: Richard Donner considered directing the film, but chose to stay on as executive producer. John Carradine was allegedly considered for the part of grandpa. Followed by two direct-to-DVD sequels, starting with Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008).



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