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Ryan (Chris Evans) receives a call on his cell phone from a woman (Kim Basinger) who tells him that she’s been kidnapped and that she needs his help. One year after Phone Booth, writer Larry Cohen got a similar idea turned into a movie. There’s no phone booth here but the set-up is just as constricted and tense; Evans gets into one action-filled adventure after the other but always has to make sure that he stays on the line with Basinger. The director knows how to make fast-paced, entertaining thrillers. This one keeps its tongue firmly in cheek; William H. Macy is terrific as a cop who’s retiring to open a spa.

2004-U.S. 94 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ David R. Ellis. Story: Larry Cohen. Music: John Ottman. Cast: Kim Basinger (Jessica Martin), Chris Evans (Ryan), William H. Macy (Bob Mooney), Eric Christian Olsen, Jessica Biel, Jason Statham.

Trivia: Remade in Hong Kong as Connected (2008).



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