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Sweet Sixteen


sweetsixteen15-year-old Liam (Martin Compston) becomes a drug dealer in Glasgow in order to pay for a trailer that he wants to buy for his mother when she gets out of jail. Another gritty drama from Ken Loach, one that is perfectly respectable in every way, but perhaps not a film one loves. Still, it was hailed by most critics and it does become an engaging story after a while. The locations are thoroughly realistic, the tragic content is moving even though we anticipate most of what happens, and the acting is wonderful, including Compstonā€™s performance as the essentially good-hearted but, in everything concerning his mom, naive kid.

2002-Britain-Germany-Spain. 106 min. Color.Ā Directed byĀ Ken Loach.Ā Screenplay:Ā Paul Laverty.Ā Cast:Ā Martin Compston (Liam), Annmarie Fulton (Chantelle), William Ruane (Pinball), Michelle Abercromby, Michelle Coulter, Gary McCormack.

Trivia:Ā The film was subtitled because of the thick accents.

Cannes:Ā Best Screenplay.

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