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Stan & Ollie inherit money and an island, but when they set sail for that piece of land the boys and their passengers are marooned on an atoll. Laurel & Hardy’s last film together is a sad affair. Neither star was in the best of health, and Laurel in particular looks very frail. They try their best and provoke the occasional smile, but their fellow cast members are useless, the movie looks cheap and stabs at satire fall flat amid all the tired, even tasteless, jokes.

1951-France. 82 min. B/W. Directed byĀ Leo Joannon. Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Suzy Delair (ChĆ©rie Lamour), Max Elloy, Adriano Rimoldi, Luigi Tosi.

Trivia: Alternative titles: Atoll K and Robinson Crusoeland. Alternative running time: 98 min.



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