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Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo


Deuce Bigalow (Rob Schneider) goes to Amsterdam and becomes involved in the hunt for a serial killer, which forces him to go undercover as a man-whore. The tagline is correct in every sense; the lowest point is the part where Deuce romances a woman whose nose turns out to be – a dick. Ain’t that hilarious? Another of the star’s films that are chock-full of politically incorrect jokes, which would be fine if they were funny. Schweiger is enthusiastic, Jeroen KrabbĂ© dull.

2005-U.S. 83 min. Color. Directed by Mike Mitchell. Cast: Rob Schneider (Deuce Bigalow), Eddie Griffin (T.J. Hicks), Jeroen Krabbé (Gaspar Voorsboch), Til Schweiger, Douglas Sills, Carlos Ponce. Cameo: Adam Sandler.

Razzie: Worst Actor (Schneider).



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