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Gods and Monsters


godsandmonsters.jpIn 1957, the retired director of the Frankenstein films, James Whale (Ian McKellen), grows very curious about the attractive young man (Brendan Fraser) mowing his lawn; he wants to use him as a model. The novel is entirely fictional, so donā€™t expect to learn much about the great Whale, but director Bill Condon and his team have fancied a compelling portrait of the sick, nearly forgotten master and his gods and monsters. Hallucinations mix with memories of his films, childhood and former lovers. Itā€™s an intelligent, emotional (but not sentimental) film featuring outstanding performances, especially by McKellen, and a genuine love and understanding of the power of cinema.Ā 

1998-U.S-Britain. 105 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced byĀ Paul Colichman, Gregg Fienberg, Mark Harris. Written and directed byĀ Bill Condon. Novel: Christopher Bram (ā€Father of Frankensteinā€). Cast: Ian McKellen (James Whale), Brendan Fraser (Clay Boone), Lynn Redgrave (Hanna), Lolita Davidovich, David Dukes, Kevin J. Oā€™Connor.

Oscar: Best Adapted Screenplay. Golden Globe: Best Supporting Actress (Redgrave).

Quote:Ā “This is my gardener Clayton Boone. He’s never met a princess before, only queens.” (McKellen introducing Fraser to Princess Margaret)

Last word: “You know how it works in Hollywood: you draw up lists of possible actors for every role, but as you get closer and think hard about it, the lists get much shorter. With McKellan, we were lucky that he agreed to do it, because he understood the role perfectly as someone who has worked in California. I sent it to his agent, just as any normal person with no inside connection, and he took six months to read it ā€“Ā but then he agreed to meet with me. And after 5 minutes of meeting, he agreed to do the picture, even though we didn’t yet have the financing together.Ā The most generous thing about McKellan was the way he let himself be trotted out to bankers’ meetings or to backers. Whenever he was in California, he got together with me and he really campaigned for this film. It was clearly something important to him.” (Condon, Film Scouts)

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