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A Los Angeles salesgirl (Claire Danes) is courted by two men; the hopelessly immature Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman) and the older, sophisticated and wealthy Ray (Steve Martin). A cute story by Martin in the style of a fairy tale eventually turns into an increasingly engaging drama as the young woman’s escapades together with those different men teaches her a thing or two about herself. Doesn’t sound too original, but the director (who made his first film in seven years) turns it into a warm and almost pensive experience. Martin’s script also has plenty of funny observations, but they never overshadow the other ingredients. Good performances, especially by Danes.

2005-U.S.-Britain. 116 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced byĀ Steve Martin, Ashok Amritraj, Jon Jashni. Directed byĀ Anand Tucker. Screenplay, Novel: Steve Martin. Cast: Steve Martin (Ray Porter), Claire Danes (Mirabelle), Jason Schwartzman (Jeremy), Bridgette Wilson, Sam Bottoms, Frances Conroy.

Trivia: Tom Hanks and Jimmy Fallon were allegedly considered for the parts of Ray and Jeremy.

Last word: “Steve was incredibly generous. Immediately he made it very clear that if Jason and I needed to rework a scene we had license to. He was great that way. I never felt confined or pressured to do something because it was not intuitive. I never had to do that, because the material was incredibly fertile. Also, I’m kind of methodical, so once I commit to something I’d rather just do it than change it. So that was good, it made me feel more relaxed. It became our story and Steve made that possible. He shared it.” (Danes, IGN)



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