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rollerball02In the near future, Jonathan Cross (Chris Klein) has settled in a Central Asian country and become the star of a violent game called rollerball, but he makes an enemy of his brutal boss (Jean Reno). This loud remake of the 1975 movie is one of director John McTiernan’s worst action flicks, featuring a dull game filmed in a messy way that makes it hard to discern who’s doing what to whom. Not even Reno shakes things up as the sadistic man behind the game.

2002-U.S.-Germany-Japan. 98 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by John McTiernan. Cast: Chris Klein (Jonathan Cross), Jean Reno (Aleksi Petrovich), LL Cool J (Marcus Ridley), Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Naveen Andrews, Oleg Taktarov. 

Trivia: Keanu Reeves was allegedly considered for the part of Jonathan.

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