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The Muse


themuseScreenwriter Steven Phillips (Albert Brooks) has lost his touch and enlists help from a muse called Sarah (Sharon Stone), but she doesn’t come cheap. Director Brooks’s message seems to be that Hollywood is full of frail egos that believe inspiration will come from anywhere but hard work. “Anywhere” in this case is a sexy muse who doesn’t do much besides tapping her client for cash. Brooks makes amiable comedies and this is no exception. Short on big laughs, it does have a few (predictable but fun) points to make about Hollywood, and icing on the cake comes in the form of amusing cameos.

1999-U.S. 96 min. Color. Written and directed by Albert Brooks. Cast: Albert Brooks (Steven Phillips), Sharon Stone (Sarah Little), Andie MacDowell (Laura Phillips), Jeff Bridges, Mark Feuerstein, Steven Wright. Cameos: James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Jennifer Tilly, Cybill Shepherd, Rob Reiner.

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