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Stanley Moon (Dudley Moore) sells his soul to the Devil (Peter Cook) in exchange for seven wishes that he hopes will make a waitress (Eleanor Bron) fall in love with him. The most successful film starring Moore and Cook has the same dry wit as their previous collaborations. It’s another version of “Faust” where both stars work the same kind of charm even though the characters are different, one very naive, the other very conniving. Set in Swinging London, the movie has a youthful look and also uses the environs in skillful ways. Pretty funny and inventive, with amusing supporting actors, like the future “Dame Edna” as the very bitter Envy.

1967-Britain. 107 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced and directed byĀ Stanley Donen. Screenplay: Peter Cook. Cast: Peter Cook (George Spiggott), Dudley Moore (Stanley Moon), Eleanor Bron (Margaret Spencer), Raquel Welch, Alba, Barry Humphries.

Trivia: The name “Stanley Moon” allegedly comes from John Gielgud who once actually believed that was Dudley Moore’s name. Remade in the U.S. as Bedazzled (2000).

Quote: “There was a time when I used to get lots of ideas… I thought up the Seven Deadly Sins in one afternoon. The only thing I’ve come up with recently is advertising.” (Cook)



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