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Catch Me If You Can


16-year old con man Frank Abagnale posed as doctors, pilots and attorneys, forged checks and outsmarted the FBI for several years. This reality-based film is unpretentious, sophisticated and very similar to the heist movies of yore; the gorgeous animated opening sequence, accompanied by John Williams’s jazz music, reminds one of the 1960s. Leonardo DiCaprio is likeable as the amazing fraudster, but Christopher Walken steals the movie as his father, a man with an equal lack of respect for the government. Writer Jeff Nathanson tries to show the loneliness that is part of the boyā€™s adventurous life… but there are moments when this feels like a lightweight, overlong romp.Ā 

2002-U.S. 141 min. Color. Produced byĀ Walter F. Parkes, Steven Spielberg. Directed byĀ Steven Spielberg. Screenplay: Jeff Nathanson. Book: Frank Abagnale, Jr., Stan Redding. Cinematography: Janusz Kaminski. Music: John Williams. Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio (Frank Abagnale, Jr.), Tom Hanks (Carl Hanratty), Christopher Walken (Frank Abagnale), Martin Sheen, Nathalie Baye, Amy Adams… James Brolin, Jennifer Garner.

Trivia: Lasse Hallstrƶm was allegedly offered to direct the film.

BAFTA: Best Supporting Actor (Walken).Ā 

Last word: “The substantial part of the movie is true. Except for small bits. For instance: when [Frank] actually escaped from the airplane, he went out the back of a 737, as opposed to through the toilet. I added that (he laughs). Little touches like that I changed.” (Spielberg, IGN)



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