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Cool & Crazy

The images weā€™re bound to remember from this documentary are those of the BerlevĆ„g male choir standing outdoors in the freezing winter singing in their northern Norway village. It may seem a bit contrived making them do that (the audio still has to be added in a studio), but it looks marvelous and manipulation lies at the heart of every documentary. The filmmakers give us a portrait of life in the old fishing village where modern times have changed things a lot. But the choir is still popular after many decades; the oldest member is in his mid-nineties. These are colorful people, and their trip to Murmansk in the filmā€™s second half is interesting (makes them appreciate what theyā€™ve got in the village). But as a film it is never a terribly rewarding experience.

2000-Norway. 104 min. Color. Directed byĀ Knut Erik Jensen.

Trivia: Original title: Heftig og begeistret. Followed by Cool & Crazy On the Road (2002).Ā 



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