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Cold Creek Manor


New Yorkers Cooper and Leah Tilson (Dennis Quaid, Sharon Stone) move into an old, rural mansion with their children; the former owner (Stephen Dorff) suddenly makes an appearance and thatā€™s when the problems begin. Thrillers are clearly not director Mike Figgisā€™s strength. This one takes forever to build any suspense. When it finally comes, itā€™s just because you expect the story to take a interesting turn, that a fun twist will emerge… but alas, itā€™s completely void of any surprises or original ideas. The snakes that show up in the house provide the only thrills.

2003-U.S. 119 min. Color. Directed byĀ Mike Figgis. Cast: Dennis Quaid (Cooper Tilson), Sharon Stone (Leah Tilson), Stephen Dorff (Dale Massie), Juliette Lewis, Kristen Stewart, Ryan Wilson… Christopher Plummer.



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