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The 13th Warrior


13thwarriorIn A.D. 922, Arabian nobleman Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan (Antonio Banderas) becomes the thirteenth warrior in a party of Vikings that are facing cannibalistic creatures called the Wendol. Michael Crichton based his novel on “Beowulf”, the medieval poem… and then director John McTiernan turned that adventure into a conventional and violent, albeit good-looking, Hollywood popcorn movie. The actors are nothing special, but Banderas tries hard as the Arab who learns how to fight like a real Viking.

1999-U.S. 102 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced by John McTiernan, Michael Crichton, Ned Dowd. Directed by John McTiernan. Novel: Michael Crichton (”Eaters of the Dead”). Cast: Antonio Banderas (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan), Diane Venora (Weilew), Dennis Storhøi (Herger), Vladimir Kulich, Omar Sharif… Sven Wollter, Maria Bonnevie.

Trivia: The movie did badly in test screenings, causing Crichton to step in and do reshoots; the film bombed nevertheless.

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