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Mary Reilly


Mary Reilly (Julia Roberts), a 19th-century London housemaid, is informed that her master, Dr. Jekyll (John Malkovich), has hired a mysterious new assistant. The Dangerous Liaisons (1988) gang ā€“ Stephen Frears, Christopher Hampton, Malkovich, Glenn Close ā€“ reunited for this admittedly interesting take on the old Robert Louis Stevenson tale of madness and identity. However, this meeting between the conflicted doctor and his maid with a dark history doesn’t really lead anywhere, the music is too bombastic and Malkovich plays Hyde like he’s a rock star.

1996-U.S. 108 min. Color. Directed byĀ Stephen Frears. Screenplay: Christopher Hampton. Novel: Valerie Martin. Music: George Fenton. Cast: Julia Roberts (Mary Reilly), John Malkovich (Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde), Glenn Close (Mrs. Farraday), George Cole, Michael Gambon, Kathy Staff… Michael Sheen, CiarĆ”n Hinds.

Trivia: Tim Burton was allegedly considered for directing duties.



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